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Black DOT Key Chain
You carry your keys everywhere; why not carry a personalized Devora Designs key ring. Our key rings are made of a hard plastic and printed on both sides with the design of your choice.
Money Envelope-black Floral Money Envelope
A NEW fun way to make sure your kids don't misplace their school money! Now the teacher can remember they got your child's money just because the envelope was so cute! Set of 25 printed envelopes.
Skunk Hand Puppet
White stripes beautifully highlight the elegant sweep of long black fur on the hazardous hindquarters of this skunk puppet. With a workable mouth and tail, she can be posed in attack position, but don't worry; scent glands are not included!

Cool Toys

Mirror-aka. Compact Mirrors-greek

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Frog Hand Puppet

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Mirror-co Compact Mirrors-greek

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Sea Grass-front Desktop Weekly Planner Spiral Notebook

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Alphabet Soup- Chevron -c- Folded Notecard

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